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The Benefits of UCaaS

Move to Opex Model

You can move from a Capex model (buying your own kit, upgrades etc.) to an Opex model, paying per user per month for all services and support.

24/7 Support

The platform is monitored and supported 24 x 7.

Multiple Platform Access

You have access to a resilient platform, typically housed in multiple globally dispersed Data Centres for auto failover and defined SLA’s giving you “hands off maintenance” and improved uptime.

Always Updated Functions and Features

The platform is continually being updated with new features and functions immediately accessible and seamlessly providing you with improved agility.


The platform is scalable, so you can add and remove users as your business grows or fluctuates due to seasonality.

Access Anywhere

The platform can be accessed globally, to enable remote working from anywhere.

Top-notch Compliance and Security

The platforms meet a variety of different compliance and security regulations.

One Portal to Access Everything

The individual site or global estate can be viewed and managed through a single portal.

Quality Reports and Metrics

You can access reports and analytics to view user metrics, call flows etc. to optimize your business efficiency.

One Application Interface

You can integrate with a number of your internal systems to improve productivity (e.g. CRM integration).

Integration with Hundreds of Applications

You provide a common application interface across the business for ease of use, rather than numerous disparate apps which don’t integrate well.

Significant Cost Savings

The price per user per month typically includes your telephone calls. These savings can often pay for the system itself if you are a phone intensive business.


Future proof, all UCaaS providers are focused on the growth of their cloud offerings so any older on-site PBXs will be much harder to maintain, support and upgrade and will eventually be phased out. If you are currently connected to the outside world using ISDN for example in the UK, the service is being ceased in 2025.

UCaaS Providers

We can access all of the following UCaaS providers and match them to your specific requirements, comparing them side by side to ensure the best fit for your business.

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